Monitoring the performance of your campaigns and transactional opportunities essentially requires good data visualization. We have developed analytics and visualization tools that allow you to quickly understand the progress of your marketing efforts and spot future opportunities. Our dashboards are divided into four main analysis categories.


View your customers according to indicators of gender, age and city to better plan your marketing initiatives.


If you can identify inner circle customers, lost customers, transaction frequency and type, shopping cart content and many other indicators, you can turn opportunities into sales.


Monitor your campaigns to better manage your re-activation and acquisition budget. You will be able to determine which campaigns worked best and understand the final status of the customers targeted.


You want to plan a year or a month ahead? Our customer behaviour algorithm allows you to identify which customers in your databank are most likely to take action during a given time period. In addition, as you’ll be soliciting fewer customers for the same expected return, your campaign costs will shrink.

Since our dashboards are customer focused, you’ll be able to see the individual not the vehicle.